How the EAST LOOP project has launched

Someone said that there are four kinds of ultimate happiness for human beings.
Those are to be loved, to be praised, to be helpful for someone, and to be thanked.We can full three of those to work.

We Fukuichi Co., Ltd. running a fair trade shop LOVE & SENSE have been cooperating with people who are in severe circumstances in developing countries.
We have learnt through “working” that it is sometimes more important to be praised, to be helpful and to be thanked than to earn, and those encourage people to live.

The Great East Japan Earthquake.
Though we have started for recovery, a lot of people have been in serious circumstances.

We have launched the EAST LOOP project, because we would like to be partners with people in the disaster sites.
We are going to sell the handicrafts all over Japan and the world.

The people who make the handicrafts told us that…
“This working makes us fun. We aren’t into dark mood.”
“Thanks for working at my own pace.”
“I am glad that someone will have the handicrafts I made.”
“We enjoyed showing our handicrafts to each other. We hadn’t smiled for a long time.”

The EAST LOOP project has just begun.

We would like to make this movement bigger with your help, and then in the near future to hand our project to the people in the disaster areas.

The operation of the EASTLOOP project has been transferred to Tohoku-Crochet-Mura Limited Liability Company since July 1st 2014, and now the company supports the people who are living in the disaster area by itself. Tohoku-Crochet-Mura aims at creating a hand work artistic brand originated from Tohoku, North East Japan.