What’s the EAST LOOP project?

“Working means living.”
The Great East Japan Earthquake happened on March 11, 2011.
Many affected people are going toward the reconstruction step by step while they are still struggling with the difficult situation.
The EAST LOOP project has established because we hope to cheer them up and to support them in the next step toward recovery.
Our project is aims to create opportunities for anyone in the disaster areas to join and then to give them directly profits of their handcrafts which are delivered to people in Japan and all over the world.

■ Three missions

1. send smiles and earnings to the people in the disaster areas
Working is not only the way to earn incomes but also to link with people and society, and to have the joy of living and hope.
We also hope that small handworks can support people under the difficult situation mentally and encourage them to take the next step toward reconstruction.
2. give mental support
Handwork is said to be effective in relieving grief and in mental healthcare.
In addition, we would like to deliver messages of support to the handworkers through facebook etc.
3. provide people who think “I want to do something for the people in the disaster areas” with the way to support the sufferers.
We have created the way to support affected people directly through shopping anyone can join and a system which many people can take part in the support continuously.

■ The system of the project

How it works:
We sell products, which are produced by the people who suffered the Great East Japan Earthquake. The products are sold in Japan and all over the world. 50% of the product’s value becomes the sales of the production group called “Tohoku-Crochet-Mura”.